South African lawyer and rights activist Ziyaad Patel said that Turkey has a very close relationship with Jerusalem but it cannot protect 10 of its citizens who were killed in the Marmara ship.

Patel’s statements came on Monday, in the Lebanese capital Beirut, in the second day of the Fourth Global Convention of Solidarity with Palestine, entitled “Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine,” which is organized by the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine .

Patel pointed that the Zionist entity is taking over the countries in Eastern Europe and Africa, and therefore taking care of it and confronting the civilian bodies in front of Zionist practices.

“Any money paid here or there does not make up for the lives of any Palestinian activist or any grain of soil from the land of Palestine,”

He said they need recommendations on how to protect Jerusalem, and today he propose to take advantage of the legal mechanisms to hold Israeli officials accountable.

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